Our COVID-19 Policies

Although BeautyProphet is open and processing your orders- it is with great care during these uncertain times.
Things you should know about the Beautyprophet warehouse:
  • The BeautyProphet warehouse is not a "shared" warehouse.  The BeautyProphet warehouse strictly houses only the brands we sell. Our regular staff stock the shelves, pull the product needed for your orders and pack the boxes that eventually are shipped to you.
  • Our facility is cleaned routinely and team members are constantly wiping down areas that are touched repeatedly. 
  • There are no  "shared spaces" - limiting the chance for spreading germs.  We do this by allowing most of our staff to work remote and for those that do work in the warehouse, we have varied hours.
  • As we receive shipments in from our suppliers, they are left to stand for 24 hours before we start to unpack them, to place products on our shelves.
Your packages are shipped with the utmost care and cleanliness! Be assured.  We are very concerned for the safety and welfare of Beautyprophet team members and we go to all lengths to make their workplace safe which in turn, makes your shipment safer as well. We thank you for your loyalty to BeautyProphet and our thoughts and well wishes are with you all. Stay healthy!