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Article: Is blue-light from too much screen time damaging your skin?

Is blue-light from too much screen time damaging your skin?
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Is blue-light from too much screen time damaging your skin?


The short answer is yes. Similar to UV rays, in the sense that excess exposure can take a toll on our skin and age it faster then we’d like, there are many studies published that have proven blue-light can take a similar toll.  Thankfully, blue-light doesn’t appear to cause sunburn and skin cancer like UV rays can, but excess exposure to blue-light increases the production of free-radicals in the skin which cause increased pigmentation, redness and premature aging (lines and wrinkles!).  What are free radicals you might ask? They are “unstable” atoms that damage cells. So, when we expose our skin to too much blue-light there is an excess of free radicals, causing oxidative stress to our skin. This ultimately produces an enzyme that breaks down the collagen and elastin in our skin causing damage resulting in lines and wrinkles. Yikes!!

What is blue-light?

Part of the spectrum of visible light, blue light is a high-energy, short wavelength light. The main source it comes from is from the sun, but we also get an extremely high dose from our daily screen use and indoor lighting. It has less energy then UV rays, but penetrates deeper into the eye, thus making sense why the health experts suggest to use computer screens with reduced blue-light emission, or special blue-light blocking glasses if you use a computer screen daily- that’s because excess blue-light puts a lot of strain on our eyes and can have long-term effects on vision.


Antioxidant skin care! Seems simple, but its all about the right antioxidants and the right products. This is such and important daily step in your regimen and so easy to prevent years of damage. We suggest the powerhouse antioxidant, Resveratrol.  The most common form of natural resveratrol you’ve probably heard of is from red grapes (we definitely just justified that glass of wine you had last night). There’s a big sister to grapes, and that’s Japanese Knotweed, which has the highest known concentration of natural Resveratrol. A plant traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, this potent antioxidant and cell-protector is clinically proven to neutralize free radicals and harmful environmental influences, such as blue-light and UV rays known to damage and age the skin.

You can find a maximum 2% Resveratrol in this BeautyProphet exclusive range from reveel by MedSkin solutions- check out these incredible results after only 8 weeks of use









Resveratrol Concentrate Eye Cream

for a smoother, firmer eye zone with significantly less lines and wrinkles, apply twice daily AM & PM after cleansing.

Resveratrol Concentrate Night Treatment

Use as a protective, overnight treatment. This daily serum strengthens the skin’s natural antioxidative defense, firms and smooths wrinkles

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