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Article: Why Collagen for skin is your ticket to the fountain of youth

Why Collagen for skin is your ticket to the fountain of youth

Why Collagen for skin is your ticket to the fountain of youth

Collagen and beauty have a tight relationship. We know we need it! But, did you know that there are 28 types of collagen and it’s the most abundant protein in your body? A loss of collagen as we age is a natural part of life we can’t escape – you know, its like wishing we could have the plump, hydrated, smooth skin of a baby forever! Well, the reality is we can’t, but adding pure Collagen into your beauty routine can replenish the collagen it’s lost so that we can be on our way to protecting our youth! Let’s break it down…

What exactly is collagen?

Collagen comes from the Greek word “kólla” meaning “glue”. It is the most important component of the skin’s connective tissue and responsible for its elasticity and firmness (Type 1 Collagen). Natural aging and damaging external influences negatively affect the condition of the skin and consequently, the tissue loses its elasticity, moisture content and ability to renew itself. However, pure collagen skin care can have dramatic age-defying benefits and help replace the lost collagen. Its just a matter of choosing collagen that is “native” or “skin-identical” – collagen that is most similar to the human body’s skin structure.

What is the best skin-identical collagen to use?

Here’s where it gets exciting! As your go-to for the best euro-beauty brands, we bring to you the best skin-identical collagen from the German brand, reveel by MedSkin Solutions. They are THE leader in collagen for skin care, because they’ve been in the business for over 30 years. MedSkin Solutions is known for healing thousands of wound and burn victims in hospitals. Their cryogenically frozen sheets of pure collagen (from a patented process) are applied to the affected area to help rebuild skin. WOW! That means, if you want to erase fine lines and wrinkles, give skin that baby-face hydration and youthful look- their products are your ticket to the fountain!

reveel by MedSkin Solutions research unifies three forms of collagen: Native collagen fibers as well as native, soluble collagen molecules and skin-identical collagen peptides to rebuild the skin. The native collagen is sourced from South American Bovine, which are only 1 DNA link match difference from human skin- it is then cryogenically frozen to keep this already perfect biomaterial completely intact until you use it- pretty incredible!!

Here are three ways you can add this miracle collagen to your routine:


Collagen Face Mask: 

Reduce fine lines in only 20-min with this pre-wet sheet mask. 92% skin-identical collagen + Hyaluronic Acid instantly boosts hydration, soothes skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles (1 full face mask)


Collagen Eye Mask:

Depuff, perk-up and smooth those fine lines around the eye contours in only 20-min with these performance eye masks composed of 96% skin-identical collagen (5 treatments per box)


Collagen Serum Spray:

This unique mist is great for everyday maintenance. Spritz on the face or anywhere on the body for instantly smoothed, plumped skin- wherever, whenever! Perfect for all skin types to infuse extra moisture into the skin, relieving an uncomfortable or tight feeling, supporting cell renewal immediately firming the skin.

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